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Cambodia is one of the beautiful nations in Southern Asia. Going along with the global tourism growth, Cambodia tourism is promoted to develop rapidly. This beautiful country possesses not only many stunning landscapes, alluring islands with charming beaches and majestic ancient monuments but traditional festivals captivating the large number of tourists annually as well. This website with plenty of helpful travel tips and information about Cambodia will help travelers plan memorable trips in this nation.

Hotels & Resorts

Pringvilege Floor Resort

The Privilege Floor and Belmond La Residence d’Angkor Hotel are two deluxe hotels in Cambodia. The Privilege Floor The Privilege Floor Cambodia offers unparalleled privacy and...


Fish Amok

Cambodian cuisine include a variety of dishes which make the difference of Cambodia. The article lists 5 dishes you should taste in Cambodia. Fish Amok  If...

What to do

Riding Bamboo Trains in Cambodia

Bamboo trains (also known as "norry") consist of a wooden frame, bamboo decking, an engine and wheels that come from a bust-up wartime tank. Riding the bamboo train in Battambang maybe is one of the most exciting things to do in Cambodia.
Trekking around Kep

Kep is beach town in Cambodia where known for its relaxed tropical atmosphere, excellent seafood and its oceanfront crab market. Trekking around Kep is popular activity to explore the beauty of this province.
Fish Amok

I feel like Cambodia is totally underrated. It’s smaller than it’s neighbours and it’s just getting back on it’s feet after a pretty hectic...