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Cambodia is one of the beautiful nations in Southern Asia. Going along with the global tourism growth, Cambodia tourism is promoted to develop rapidly. This beautiful country possesses not only many stunning landscapes, alluring islands with charming beaches and majestic ancient monuments but traditional festivals captivating the large number of tourists annually as well. This website with plenty of helpful travel tips and information about Cambodia will help travelers plan memorable trips in this nation.

Hotels & Resorts

Dara Airport Hotel

Dara Airport Hotel is the closest hotel to Phnom Penh International Airport with luxury facilities, and contemporary designs.


Khmer Food: Samlor Korko

One of the most popular traditional Khmer food dishes is Samlor Korko. It is made of many kinds of vegetable and fishes, meat and a lot of ingredients.

What to do

Long described as “sleepy”, Kampot of today is transforming into a lively tourist destination, with plenty of good restaurants, bars and music to be found. So what should you do if you have 48 hours in this town. Here’s what we recommend.
Discover Wonders of Kep, Cambodia

Kep, a province on Cambodia’s southern coast, is a former resort town known throughout Cambodia for its relaxed, sun-dappled beaches and mouth-wateringly fresh crabs.
Cycling around Kampong Thom

For those who want to avoid a lot of the hustle and bustle of the crowded tourist destinations, Kampong Thom is a place for you. Cycling around Kampong Thom, you will have a chance to see some beautiful rural and riverine scenery along the route.