Best Tips To Travel To Cambodia

Best Tips to Travel to Cambodia
Best Tips to Travel to Cambodia

This article shows you Best Tips to travel in Cambodia. Wish you have an awesome trip there.

1.Don’t be fooled
There are all manner of scams that are regularly used to pull the wool over foreigner’s eyes (and the dollars from their wallets), especially at border crossings and entry points to Cambodia but also at every bus stop and arrival point in a new town or city. Do your homework – make sure you’re up to date with what the scams are and how to
circumvent them (i.e. how much things actually cost!) and you won’t fall for any of the obvious scams.

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2.Bring an open mind

Open Your Mind
Open Your Mind

The problem with Cambodia is that it’s right next to Thailand and Vietnam – both extraordinarily beautiful countries, overflowing with scenery that will take your breath away. Cambodia’s beauty is more subtle, more cultural, and not as flashy. Don’t come in with high
expectations and you won’t be disappointed.

3.Make time for ancient history
Cambodia is a country steeped in ancient history – the ruins of Angkor Wat in Siem Reap are as wonderful and awe-inspi.jpgring as you’ve heard. Although, if you want a personal connection with them (away from the maddening crowds), either make a plan to get there early in the morning, late in the afternoon, or simply (as we did) leave the well-beaten
path and go in a direction not pointed out by arrows!

4.Eat bread


Baguettes are a way of life in Cambodia. Eat them fresh with cream cheese, or for breakfast with omelettes or Nutella, or for lunch with vegetables, or for a snack, or really just any time you feel a bit puckish. Delicious!

5.Don’t give to street children
No matter how desperate they look or how whiny their voices. It’s only encouraging them to stay on the streets – every tourist who gives to a streetchild is supporting a life away from school and an orphanage. Rather shop at fair trade or streetchildren support shops, which are
scattered all over the country. Cambodia Tourism