Angkor Panorama Museum


A grand monumental edifice, Angkor Panorama Museum with site area of 6,115m2 and parking lot of 12,000 m2, located in Siem Reap, Cambodia, was inaugurated on 4th of December 2015.

In the museum are large scales panoramic painting of 122.6m×12.9m and movie providing historical data on the greatest Khmer Empire and information hall with periodical data that help tourists understand the Angkor temple complex better. Also, well-known skilful artists stay here to fulfil orders from customers, both painting and sculpture and satisfy them as customers want.

>>Wat Phnom – the only hill in Phnom Penh

Information Hall

Information Hall: From the walls, it shows the photos of the Angkor temples which were constructed during the 7th~12th Century in accordance with the centuries and it also shows about the conservation and restoration projects in Angkor Coex and some of Cambodian National Holidays by images.

Angkor Panorama Museum

Model Board of Temple Ruins: To give comprehensive idea about the Angkor era, we made the model board, which represents the original look, style, arts and aesthetics of the Angkor temples, the heritage created by the Khmer people. Twenty-five major temples in Angkor site have been reproduced on a scale of 1 to 230. In the relief model, you can see the names of the temples, the ways to them, and their topographies.

Touch Screen Computer: The Touch Screen Computer has the database of 55 temples of Pre-Angkorian and Angkorian Period according to the alphabetical order and the 27 Kings of the Angkorian Dynasty (802-1327 A.D) according to the chronological order that was approved by the archaeologists and historians belong to the relevant departments in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Walls of the Information Hall: From the walls, it shows the photos of the Angkor temples which were constructed  during the 7th~12th Century in accordance with the centuries and it also shows about the conservation and restoration projects in Angkor Coex and some of Cambodian   National Holidays by images.

Panorama Hall

“Defending Strategy” (the 1st part): Grand Panoramic Painting “Angkor, Age of Prosperity” 1st Part “Defense Strategy” depicts that the General Jayavarman VII who is regarded as the great king among the Cambodian people rallied the Khmer nation and won the victory against the Cham troops of the Champa country that launched across the Tonle Sap Lake.

Angkor Panorama Museum

“Construction Strategy”: (the 2nd part): Grand Panoramic Painting “Angkor, Age of Prosperity” 2nd Part “Construction Strategy” depicts that the Jayavarman VII was throne as the King after the liberation of Angkor site and led the construction of Bayon Temple.

“Prosperity”: (the 3rd part): Grand Panoramic Painting “Angkor, Age of Prosperity” 3rd Part “Prosperity” depicts the contemporary happy and joyful life of Khmer nation inside after completion of construction of temple.

Movie Theatre

inside Movie Theater Hall: The Movie Theater have the capacity of 204 seats.

Movie: “Angkor Wat” (the 1st Series) The compilation shows the progress of the majestic and magnificent Angkor Wat constructed in the Khmer Era, and the remaining mysterious world. It was produced on the basis of historical facts and other more speculative interpretations in details.

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