Famous Phnom Penh’s markets tourists should visit (Part 1)


Phnom Penh offers many choices for those who are looking for a place to buy daily items or something to bring home as souvenirs. Below are some most famous markets you can take a visit in this city.

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Central Market (Psar Thmey)

Also known as Psar Thmey, the Central Market is considered to be one of the modern looking local market in town. It is also the shadiest (so far) with plenty of space to walk from outdoors to indoors. It was built in 1937 and shaped like a dome with four entrances (north, south, east, west) leading to various stalls. Remembering the entrances is useful in case you can’t remember where the tuk tuk dropped you off.

Central Market (via My Radiant City)

You can start roaming outside of the dome where household items, souvenirs, wet market, fruits, vegetables, fresh flowers, clothes, spices, cloths can be found. Bargain for a good price when possible as they tend to give a higher price to tourists. After that make your way inside the dome where you can see many jewelry counters and enough bling for the eyes. Most of them would be selling silver and fake stones while some are more honest in telling you what materials are used. We often come here for household items and to buy fish because the price is better than other markets in town. The location of the Central Market is also good because there are many shops around it if you wish to continue shopping for the day.

Russian Market (Psar Tuol Tom Pong)

Russian Market (via S Vietnam Travel)

Not to be confused with Psar O’Russei, this market reminds us of the expansive Chatuchak market in Bangkok. There are many entrances leading inside to this market and since the stalls are so close to one another, it would be good if you took note of where you entered by remembering the stalls as the landmark. The Russian Market became popular in the 1980s when most of the foreigners in Cambodia were Russian, hence the name Russian market.

The market has a lot of things that you can find from antique teapots, arts, lingeris, shoes, clothes, household items, cloths, souvenirs, local handmade crafts like bags or wallets. There’s a few jewelry shop here but not as many as the ones in Central Market. If you’re hungry and adventurous enough to try some local delights, look out for the food market area somewhere in the middle and order from any of the stalls there.

Boeung Keng Kang (BKK) Market

BKK Market (via Ratanak International – blogger)

BKK is known as the expats area or what we refer to as the Mont Kiara of Kuala Lumpur. Over here you can find one market which caters to this area and surprisingly the prices are all quite affordable. We go here for our weekly grocery items such as halal chicken and vegetables because the wet market area is quite neat and organized. We heard from a local friend that the BKK Market is a good place to find vintage clothes, shoes and handbags. We did find it odd that the vegetables sellers organized themselves between the clothes lane and this calls for another visit soon. If the vintage finds are any good, we might just skip the malls and head here for clothing and shoes items.

Olympic Market (Psar Olympic)

Olympic Market (via Justgola)

The Olympic Market located near the Olympic Stadium is a big building that houses wholesalers and theirs items in bulk. Walk into the entrance and go through each lanes and corners in search of cloths for tailoring purposes (cheap prices too!), shoes, handbags, pajamas and clothes. Most of the shops or other markets in Phnom Penh get their items from Olympic Market and resell them at a slightly higher price. So you can try your luck bargaining with the sellers but they would only budge if you buy in bulk at a time.

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